Frequently Asked Question

Dear Sirs,

On this page we tried to answer all frequently asked questions. We are sure that in such a way we will be able to save your precious time. If you still didn’t find answers to your questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Who we are?

ESM-Trade company is a Russian Supplier of imported equipment and materials for the needs of fuel and energy complex. Our company has been working since 2012. We are an authorised equipment Supplier of some large Russian industrial holding companies. For more information, please, see the webpage about our company or our presentation.

Why did we contact your company? How did we find you?

We contacted you because for this moment we have a demand for the production which is manufactured by your company. Most probably, we have found information and your contacts on the internet.

Who is the Customer and what is the project?

In most cases, we openly provide information concerning the project (Object, Customer, Region). It is absolutely correct from the point of view of projects coordination by the Manufacturer. Very seldom, due to a range of reasons, we don’t have right to disclose information about a certain supply. It’s an especial initiative from our Customer. We ask you understand this point. As soon as we are able to disclose this information, you will be the first to get it.

Why did we send our inquiry to you and not to your representational office on the territory of Russian Federation?

  • Very often foreign companies which have their representational office in Russia can’t or don’t want to take part in tendering procedures because of special requirements of the Customer to the realizer and contractual compliance.
  • We try to work directly with the Manufacturer and purchase equipment on the manufacturing plant, thus we optimize logistics expenses and, as a rule, total price of the goods.
  • We control the process of delivery ourselves; we make all necessary corrections and changes depending on the process of project realization.
  • Probably our team works quicker than your representational office and you will receive this information from your Russian colleagues within the nearest time.

Why do we always ask you to provide us authorization letter for each supply of equipment?

This is an obligatory component of each tendering procedure of government order. This measure is applied to each Supplier of each tendering procedure.

We ask you to understand this requirement and not to prevent providing us authorization letter where you confirm official status of our company as your representative so that we could maintain this supply of the equipment, manufactured by your company, to the address of the Customer and with time indication of this letter.

You will simplify our work if you prepare such a letter for a year or another discussed period of time.

We have received the same inquiry from 35 Russian companies, including yours.

We ask you to inform us about it and, if possible, provide us a goods discount. In our turn, we will make everything possible to become winner of this tender and of course we will treat you to beer on our meeting.

Why do we ask you to write a review about cooperation between two our companies?

It’s very important for us to know your opinion. We aim at providing information to the companies which haven’t worked with us yet. We are sure that our authority will help us to connect quicker with the new Clients. We are grateful to you for our common work and for the devoted time. Our team wishes success and prosperity to you and your business. In our turn, we hope to improve our relations in future and to provide you with new orders.

Why do we ask you to conduct inspection of your manufacturing plant together with the specialists of supervision department of the Customer?

This is a standard procedure which is contemplated by the framework of any large project’s realization and is stated in the Contact with the Customer. This inspection usually lasts not more than 1-2 days and is carried out according to the programme which is previously discussed with the Supplier.